O nas


O nas

Teatr PINOKIO w Łodzi (Pinocchio Theatre in Łódź) The Theatre offers its audiences classical tales and contemporary texts for children,presenting colourful and unconventional shows.  Pinocchio applies a diversity of forms, themes and techniques creating a repertoire that is rich withmovement theatre shows or live actors performances, also played in masks or combined with puppet animation. The shows involve a varietyof puppetry techniques: on the stage you can see traditional hand puppets, marionettes,shadow theatre, as well as contemporary multimedia projections. In the season 2009/2010 Pinocchio Theatre launched the Music Stage “Drewniane Ucho” (“Tin Ear”) which is the venue of music concerts for children

and adults. In collaboration with the Agencja Fonograficzna Polskiego Radia (Polish Radio Phonographic Agency) Pinocchio has released a recordtitled „Piosenki do grania na nosie” (“Songs to Play Thumbing Your Nose”). Pinocchio repertoire also includes a show for teenagers and adults Bruno Schulz – historia występnej wyobraźni (Bruno Schulz – A Story of  Decadent Imagination), and a unique show for junior juniors, i.e. the youngest audiences aged 2 and above – Pokolorowanki (ColouringActivities). Both shows launched a new line of repertoire which will be staged on the Small Stage of Imagination. Pinocchio Theatre participates in theatrefestivals and competitions, winning awards and honourable mentions on regional, national, and international levels. Pinocchio reachesbeyond ordinary repertoire activities offering its audiences an interesting theatre education programme.  The Theatre’s CEO and Art  Director is Konrad Dworakowski.


Teatr Pinokio w Łodzi

ul. Kopernika 16, 90-503 Łódź

e-mail: teatrpinokio@teatrpinokio.pl