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Teatr Pinokio » KOPCIUSZEK (Wilhelm i Jakub Grimm)

KOPCIUSZEK (Wilhelm i Jakub Grimm)

Surely you do know the story of Cinderella and her vicious stepsisters very well. Although the plot of the play does not diverge from the structure of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale, it has been enriched with modern-day emphases and contexts. Who is that eponymous strange little girl? What secrets does she hold? You will find it all out by watching the show staged in the musical convention with live music. The spectacle’s undeniable asset is its fairy-tale stage scenery, colorful costumes and disturbing puppets – the latter made by Kaludia Gaugier, debuting in the theatre. Cinderella at the Pinocchio Theatre moves, amuses and makes both younger and older audiences reflect on difficult peer relationships.