KSIĘGA DŻUNGLI (Rudyard Kipling)

From the exotic stories by Rudyard Kipling, the authors of the performance „The Jungle Book” have picked out the best-known Mowgli motif – the tale of a boy growing up in a pack of wolves since his infancy. The story is told, highlighting the landmarks in the little person’s life. In the search for his identity, he gets snatched by the apes, lands in a human village, and fights with the tiger Shere Khan. The allure of the theatrical stage makes us participate in Mowgli’s consecutive initiations, maturing, learning tolerance and acceptance of others with him. The vivid stage scenery and the costumes conveying the character of each denizen of the animal and human world transport us into the uncontrollable Indian jungle. Apart from the actors, an audience can admire elements of the shadow and puppet theatre as well as traditional masks.