GDZIE JEST LAILONIA? (na podstawie “13 bajek z Królestwa Lailonii” Leszka Kołakowskiego)

Leszek Kołakowski (1927- 2009) – a distinguished Polish philosopher – by creating the “Tales from the Kingdom of Lailonia”, he left the readers an excellent gift: an opportunity to get closer to the world of philosophy via literary stories. Each of the stories presented fascinates with a number of possible interpretations. Reading these brilliant philosophical tales is a literary and intellectual pleasure. The play, directed by Konrad Dworakowski, is an attempt to deconstruct the real world taking place primarily at the visual level. The six etudes are based on the material from which both the world and history arise. From the separated elements, the artists build a fantasy world named Lailonia. It being a reflection of space or relations with which we have to do in the real world. The connection of literature, philosophy and theatre is a perfect occasion to talk about some fundamental issues. The performance is accompanied by philosophizing workshops.