fables_for_robots.txt (bajki_ robotow.txt) are a project oriented to the alternative reading of Stanisław Lem’s prose. The futuristic images are transferred to the stage by the students of Directing Faculties of state universities, representing three different languages: film, drama and puppet theatre directing. The audiovisual events prepared by the young directors are streamed live via the Theatre’s web channel and on Radio Łódź.

The selected “Fables for Robots” and their stage interpretations point to the contemporary elements which make one reflect on the place occupied by technologies in our everyday life. The machines of the fantasy world and its protagonists are symbols easily translatable into the realities of today’s world. We are occasionally AutoMatthews seeking friends in the “bodies” made of fractals; we confide in the infallibility of technical products just like in the Rational Machine; we live in a time of “invisible power” and, rushing for success, often forget such values as meeting another – real – human.
One of the persons invited to the project asked: “How would the READING of Stanisław Lem’s “Fables for Robots” look like in cyber reality?” We leave this question open, believing that an attempt to combine media and languages creates for us – originators, creators and spectators – a space for an audiovisual experiment.


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