Work for a Site is an attempt to establish a dialogue – to enter into an intimate relationship with an old, abandoned factory on Sienkiewicza 75/77 street. It is the first level of project which will end with the artistic publication about the space where The Pinocchio Theatre with the new function of Centre of Modern Art for Children and Youth will settle down in the future.

Such a space houses numerous stories and secrets hidden in the structures of the walls, cracks, recesses. A place, passing from hand to hand, is marked by successive trails: gaps in walls, additional pieces of fitted carpet covering the lines trodden by the predecessors, successive layers of paint, partitioned rooms, the railing of the stairs made slippery in one place – it all depicts a map of traffic of people at the factory.

Each interference has its own history, which is rebuilt again by the authors of the project. Together with the workshop participants, they create micro-narratives, a cycle of stories story making up one voice of the building. All of it is closed with a theatrical installation allowing the viewers to gain a better knowledge of the history of the site. The week-long activities in the former factory “Wigencja” are an attempt to organize the chaos that broke into it when it was left by the last owners. It is an evocation of the spirits of the place, but at the same time opening it to new activities which come along with the Pinokio Puppet Theatre.