Nowadays every child is widely familiar with the idea of dummy, hand or regular puppet. That is why todays theatre, in addition to these traditional puppets, incorporates a variety of modern animation forms and techniques. Project “Triple tree” proves that there are endless possibilities for puppet theatres.

Zachód słońca (Sunset)

Imagine a regular room with an armchair, lamp and a turned on TV set showing nothing but white noise. In that room sits an old lady, the one who you can sometimes pass by crossing the street or on the staircase. Stop for a moment. The old lady invites you to her home and into her everyday life. Find out what she thinks and what she longs for. The etude “Sunset” performed by Małgorzata Krawczenko is a poetic tale of aging, loneliness and going by, but also a journey into the beautiful memories and dreams.

Stolik dla dwóch osób (Table for two)

There is a table, two chairs, two plates, two sets of cutlery and one man. How will he cope with the excess of food and unbearable loneliness? Using just sole imagination he is able to connect with the surrounding objects and bring a companion to life. The etude “Table for Two” is a metaphorical story about loneliness, friendship and unlimited power of human creation.

Re-animacja (Re-animation)

There is a cosy bedroom with a comfortable bed, a soft carpet and night closet with necessary things. When a room’s inhabitant puts her tired head on the pillow and patient leg under a duvet, she realises that when the mind sleeps… hands and legs are awake. The etude “Re- animation” performed by Hanna Matusiak is a funny story about sore place in human body, first aid and relived power of love.